Systems Database

System Database

The following database is a list of persistent ‘Argo canon’ star systems and points of interest (POIs). All the entries in this thread have been created by Argo members. The posts below are wikiposts, and EVERYONE is welcome to add to them to expand our collective RP universe.

This database complements the State of the Galaxy guide to Argo’s area of operation.

Instructions / FAQ

Should my system be in this database?

Probably! Everyone’s welcome to add systems they’ve created. These can be places that have been explored in RP, places you want to add to the universe for backstory or future plots, or even as RP prompts for other players. In fact, it’s easier to talk about times when you should not add your system.

It is probably best to avoid adding systems from one-off events which are NOT intended to be revisited, or systems that have no information and are not plot-relevant (ie. we happened to be in system xyz, but that’s just a generic backdrop for an unrelated story). You should also probably not add systems that you are not willing to be contacted about by other players.

How do I add an entry?

Simple! All the posts in this thread are wikiposts, so just find the correct section and edit your system in!

The format's pretty straightforward:

| System Name | Features/Notes | Status | GM |

If you have relevant entries in the astrometrics forum for your system, you can link to them in the entry! If there’s a single associated AAR, feel free to link that in the notes section. However if there’s more than one, it’s probably best to make a new thread for your system and then link to that instead.

| [V774 Tau]( | [Deep Space 13]( - 38th Fleet Headquarters | Free | @staff |

Alternatively, you’re also more than welcome to post an addition as a reply to this thread and a staff member will edit it in for you!

What does the Status of a system mean?

A system’s status is set by the GM (if there is one) and tells you about how you can use/interact with that system. Follow the key below:

Active GM is currently running a storyline related to this region. Attend events to participate.
Interact There is no active storyline, but the GM retains full creative control. Players are free to ICly interact with the region. Contact the GM to arrange events/encounters.
Ask There is no active storyline and the GM is open to OOC collaboration on new developments and directions. Contact the GM for approval to work together or use the region for your own story.
Free There is no active GM for this region and players are free to use this space as they see fit, including GMing their own events (within the Argo Story Policy). There is no need to ask permission to use this region in RP.
Info There is no active GM or the GM is not currently accepting new developments or activities in this region. Info here is FYI only.

How do I get my system on the map graphic?

For this one, you need to get in contact with the OOC Admins. The best way to do this is to open up a ticket on discord and just ask to have your system added.

How do I get my system/listed as a Local Power on the State of the Galaxy?

The Local Powers list is an overview of the common knowledge locations/faction that everyone in the fleet should know about. The list will change over time as factions grow and shrink in relevance, but it’s always going to be fairly small. If your faction is being used in multiple events and entering this realm, you’ll most likely be contacted by a staff member directly to set this up. If that hasn’t happened and you think you should be on there, feel free to open a ticket on discord and ask about it!

Hey Sam, why do you sound like Kermit?

Because I hijacked Sam’s post. This whole thing was his idea though, and he totally deserves the kudos. Click the heart! You know you want to!

Canon Sectors

Beta Quadrant

Aldebaran Sector

System Features/Notes Status GM
V774 Tau Deep Space 13 - 38th Fleet Headquarters Free  @staff

Ba’aja Sector

System Features/Notes Status GM
Drauth AAR: Oasis. This location is the origin of the mummified entities. Interact @Sam
Dupree FerLed Station - AAR: Simple Chemistry Free @Sam
Heu Asaid Capital Interact @Sam
Kirorai AAR: The Kirorai Purchase Interact @Sam
Krekt Nuzoth Capital Interact @Sam
K’Lok Gzoya Colony
AAR: Splintered Trees, Shattered Dreams
Ask @Sam
Noriu Norit Station
AAR: A-N Intel gathering
Free @Sam
Okchii System contains a binary star. Free @Sam
Pyrellian Pyrel Prime
AAR: Surviving the Unknown
Free @Sam
Wit’Yen AAR: Blood on the Beach Ask @Sam
Field B142
AAR: Slave Intel Verification Free @Sam
TeJu 846‑33
AAR: Nothing is Free Free @Sam

Otha Sector

System Features/Notes Status GM
Vortu Vortuga Station - Neutral Station with many claims. Currently controlled by the True Gorn Hegemony. Ask @Sam

Rator Sector

System Features/Notes Status GM
Artaleirh Independent Romulan world. Free @Aev

Xarantine Sector

System Features/Notes Status GM
Terix Independent Romulan world. Info   -
Valens Various Colonies. Ask @Sam

Alpha Quadrant

Betazed Sector

System Features/Notes Status GM
Annatar Former Federation member. Free @Katriel
Koiya Star system hidden in Betreka Nebula. Free @Katriel

Denobula Sector

System Features/Notes Status GM
Kir Federation member world. Interact @Katriel