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R.R.W. Tebok

RRW Tebok
Romulan Republic
Romulan Republic Forces

The RRW Tebok (RRF-94387-14-3) is an Aelahl Class warbird operated by the Romulan Republican Forces (RRF). This light battlecruiser was converted to a flagship variant, hosting dedicated flag facilities to support flotilla operations as a forward deployed asset. Tebok is named after an Imperial Commander from the early 2300’s.


Paying homage to the workhorse of the Romulan fleet for decades, the Aelahl class warbird incorporates a design aesthetic and function similar to the D’deridex class. Tebok, laid down in 2413 and commissioned in 2414, is the 7th ship of her class.

Initially assigned to the 2nd Flotilla, Tebok saw action against the Romulan Star Empire. Tebok, like the other ships of her class, were intended to serve as anchors to the fast attack squadrons, both drawing fire and providing fire support as needed. As the Republic refined doctrine, Tebok returned to New Romulus for her first refit.

This refit changed the Tebok’s mission profile from front line warship to second line logistical support. While still a formidable offensive and defensive platform, the light battlecruiser’s role involved supplying and defending Republic colonies and forward deployed fast attack squadrons.

The classes’ perfect blend of firepower, staying power, and logistic capacity made them prime for conversions to flotilla flagships. In 2421 Tebok started her second refit, adding flag facilities to house an admiral and their staff, as well as upgrading the ships communications gear. A yard accident delayed the refit, however, and the ship is just now leaving the yards for it’s new role as flagship of the 11th Expeditionary Flotilla.

Technical Data

Physical Arrangement & Crew Support

Redesignated as a fleet flagship after a second refit, Tebok’s internal deck layout has been significantly modified from her original design. The primary difference includes the addition of several flag decks below the command levels. These decks include accommodation for an admiral and their staff, independent communication suites, conference and briefing facilities, additional dining facilities, several lounges, and a small secondary shuttle bay.

1,020 m
772 m
285 m
4,300,000 mt
Emergency Cap:
Avg. Cruise:
Max Cruise:
Maximum Speed:
Warp 7 (6 Cloaked)
Warp 9.2 (8.6 Cloaked)
Warp 9.7 (for 14 hours)
16x Plasma Beam Arrays
6x Plasma Torpedo Tubes
Deflector Shields
Auxiliary Craft:
8x Tiercel Shuttlecraft
24x Scorpion Fighter
2x Kestrel Runabouts

Despite the vessel’s impressive length and beam, only the forward portion of the superstructure and central spine contain habitable decks. The wing structures, housing elements of the ships impulse engines, both primary warp nacelles, ordnance pods, and sensor masts are limited to engineering personnel and are not included in the numbered decks.

As an expeditionary flotilla flagship endurance was a major factor in the refit. As such, the vessel can store provisions and spare parts for herself and multiple other vessels. A significant portion of the ship is devoted to cargo storage for this purpose.

Consistent with Republic ship design, the increased profile of the ship does not translate to larger accommodation spaces. Corridors and berthing, while plentiful, are often only slightly larger than what would be considered strictly necessary, often leading to an overall cramped feel inside the vessel.

The mission profile of Tebok has lead to several amenities that would typically be missing from a Republic Warbird. The vessel sports several lounges and an increased number of recreational facilities and holodecks. While still lacking compared to Federation designs, these additions have a significant positive effect on crew morale.

Command & Control Systems

Aelahl Class Bridge Layout

The Aelahl class warbird follows the standardized command and control layout common to Republic warbirds. This standardization allows allows for both easy maintenance and repair across the flotilla and limited orientation time needed by new crew members. Primary ship functions are controlled from the bridge, located near the bow of the vessel. In emergencies, the vessel can also be controlled from a secondary command station located deep within the hull, and/or main engineering.

Tebok has received additional command and control systems pursuant to its role as a fleet flagship. While capable of helming the Tebok in an emergency, these systems primary purposes include communicating and coordinating with flotilla vessels and RRF Command.

Propulsion & Power Generation

Like all Romulan vessels, Tebok is powered by a quantum singularity. The harness structure on Aelahl class warbirds allows for large, sustained draws of power. This ensures enough capacity is always available to power all ship systems simultaneously.

This power generation capacity comes at the cost of the ship’s maneuverability. Tebok can maintain a high warp and relatively high straight line impulse speed, but performance rapidly falls off when maneuvers are required. As a result, the Tebok and other vessels of her class are often seen in the second line supporting the fast attack craft.

Tactical & Defensive Systems

Tebok is equipped with the standard array of offensive weaponry found on Republic cruisers. Trading the fast firing heavy cannons for more versatile beam arrays, Tebok is capable of engaging multiple targets simultaneously. A portion of the ships offensive firepower lies in it’s reinforced wing of Scorpion fighters. A standard shield array bolsters the vessel’s hull armor.

In addition to the standard array of offensive and defensive systems, the Tebok is equipped with a Battle Cloak. This formidable system renders the significant mass of the vessel essentially invisible, with a slight impact to the vessel’s top speed.

Auxiliary Spacecraft

Originally designed with a small hanger, most Aelahl class warbirds saw several of their lower decks converted into a larger flight deck during their refit cycle. This large space’s primary purpose is to launch and recover small craft, but the space can be sectioned off to transport additional personnel, cargo, handle emergency medical triage, or reinforce the embarked marine company to battalion strength. As a flagship, Tebok’s hanger supports a shuttle wing, reinforced fighter wing (Epohh Squadron), an orbit to ground assault landing wing, and several runabouts. There is a much smaller secondary hanger reserved for the flag officers personal runabout.

Embarked Marine Company

Tebok’s marine company consists of roughly 200 marines organized into four platoons and is commanded by a Centurion. One platoon is comprised of elite Guard-Marines, the Republic’s ultimate shock troopers. Primarily trained for boarding actions and planetary assaults, Tebok’s marine company ensures the Republic is prepared for any situation in their area of responsibility.




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Tebok in orbit following the first refit.