Reyga Captain's Log

CAPTAIN'S LOG Stardate 100394.1

Reyga’s been deployed, along with Mariner, for a recon mission on the Romulan border. Our orders are to link up, combine sensor data, and relay real-time information to DS13 where a team is working on war planning.

We’re presently located at the very edge of the Sierra Sector, toes dipped in the neutral zone. I’ve sent Ensign Sadaann over to Mariner to coordinate our efforts.

CAPTAIN'S LOG Supplemental

It’s almost easy to forget, at this distance, the reality of the fighting we’re witnessing. I feel like I should have something profound to say, but nothing comes to mind.

We’ve already got a decent look at Imperial supply lines and confirmed their main strongholds. A couple surprises cropped up. Newly built structures that weren’t in the database, presumably thrown together to support this war. We’re repositioning to the Republic-controlled Tephrei System to get better sensor resolution on the far side of the Empire.

CAPTAIN'S LOG Supplemental

We’ve gotten clearance to proceed to the Mylassa System. Rather than charting a course through Republic space, Captain Tolar’s taking Mariner there via the direct route - right across the Empire’s main supply line in the sector.

She’s decided to go alone - which is good, because there’s absolutely no way I’d have taken Reyga through there. Not that I don’t think they’ll make it - one or two ships passing through at slipstream would be tough to catch - but there’s still some risk. Would be a hell of a neighborhood to get stuck in with a plasma leak.

We’re gonna take the long way 'round. If anything goes wrong, at least we’ll still be in the area. At maximum slipstream, we’ll reach Mylasa in just under three hours. Mariner’s trip will only take 40 minutes, so if all goes as planned they’ll be finished taking scans with time to spare and we can rendezvous on the way back to DS13.

CAPTAIN'S LOG Stardate 100394.8

We’ve reconnected with Mariner at Mylasa, collected Ensign Sadaann, and are now on a return course for DS13. Seems like they had a bit of a scare and diverted to a shorter crossing before proceeding through friendly space. They still beat us here by a couple hours, but I’d imagine not quite by the margin they’d hoped.

The situation’s out here is pretty worrying. Half the Republic Navy is flowing through this narrow five-lightyear stretch of space between two Imperial systems. The Empire doesn’t seem to be making any moves to cut it off, which … is good, I suppose, but a little surprising.

Still, Mariner got the intel they were looking for, and it sounds like that’ll be very helpful for planning the 38th’s next moves.

(( EventAAR ))