24 May: Two Birds

War. While fighting rages sectors away, members of the 38th Fleet gather on Deep Space 13 to play their part. A range of officers have been summoned to attend a strategic operations planning session, while others receive more hands-on work.

Shift Time: gamma

Audience: 38th Fleet

Attendance: OPEN - Anyone can attend on any character.

RP Format: GM

Setting: Starbase (probably. mostly. see below.)

Starting Point: Starbase tactical deck

OOC This event will continue the Romulan war arc from the Federation perspective.

In addition to the primary scene of this event, some attendees may be asked to break off into a smaller group in a separate location. This will help me make sure that each character attending has something to do that is appropriate to their rank and position.

If you’re able to RSVP above, that’ll help me plan enough content for the number of people interested. If you’ve got multiple characters and you’d like to post a reply here with which you plan on bringing, that would make my life a lot easier and I’d appreciate it!

Latecomers and last-minute attendees are welcome, but please check in with me in ArgoChat before showing up ICly, so I can direct you to the appropriate location for your character and give you an ‘in’ if necessary.